For Sale : High Fenced Trophy Whitetail and Red Stag Ranch

201.79 Acres in Bosque County, Texas Contact: Rick Jones 254-485-5615 $3,950.00 per acre/Total Price $797,070.50

  Includes: entire fence perimeter privacy screened • 9 two man box blinds • 8 Hang’em High/Spin Cast corn feeders • multiple bow blinds • turkey ground blinds • 5 bulk protein pellet feeders • 3 fuel tanks • 400 feet deep windmill well feeding two locations • great freshwater spring for 18 years • multiple food plots • fenced out equipment/storage area • large bulk feed storage bin • one pond • 3 bridges at all Rocky Creek water crossings • 30-35 acres coastal fields • sheltered gun range from 15 to 400 yards • great turkey population • internal roads • trash pit

“Ready to hunt Incredible Trophies on your own private ranch?”

  Over the past few seasons we have harvested bucks scoring 273 4/8, 256 3/8, 253 3/8, 252 5/8, 234 5/8, 226 7/8, 219 1/8, 216 1/8, 215 3/8, 202 6/8, 200 7/8 Gross B&C with great width, tine length, and mass. The coming 2015 Season will be the best by far, producing multiple bucks from 200” to well over 300” Gross B&C. The bucks below are a few of the Monster Trophies existing on the ranch.

Shed List

  The sheds below belong to bucks still on the Ranch for Sale. We started picking them up this February, 2015 and will list them with their Gross B&C score as we find them. The bucks are 2 to 5 years old and will be substantially better next season.

4 year old, 320 3/8" Gross B&C

3 or 4 year old, 259" Gross B&C

3 year old, 217 5/8" Gross B&C

3 year old, 174 1/8" Gross B&C

5 year old, 235 6/8" Gross B&C

Equipment Sales List, Ranch

  Upon Sale of the Ranch, the following equipment will be available for purchase. Everything you need to plant, fertilize, harvest coastal and crops, remove problem weeds, inspect fence line, fill pellet bulk feeders, mow fields, and apply herbicides/pesticides will be offered. The equipment will be individually priced and there will also be a package deal offered for purchase of all items.

This would be a great addition to the Ranch. It is everything you need to care for the animals and fields on the Ranch for Sale.

“Will have pictures of the equipment on the list very soon”

1. 2012 John Deere 6430 4wd Tractor S/N 1L06430HJCH726873 includes John Deere H340 Loader with level bars, 85 inch bucket, Armstrong Ag twin hay spears (M# J3324), and a Trimble CFX-750 GPS unit. 620 hours “Like New”

3. 2012 John Deere 285 10 foot Rotary Mower with extra cutter blades S/N 1E00285XKBB372142 “Excellent Condition”

5. 2011 SunFlower 9412 No-Till 12 foot drill, has only planted 116.7 acres S/N AGCS94120BZ90000•912 “Like New”

7. Quick Feed by AWS with Honda motor feed blower. Top has been raised 10 inches to allow 4 tons to be loaded without having to pack in by hand. Has new Good Year load range G tires. Also has trailer lights. “Excellent Shape”

9. Vogel 30 Foot Wick (folds to 10 foot) M#TM30, S/N 301302 “Like New”

11. 2008 Polaris 700 SportsmanTwin 4WD 4-tracker S/N4XATN68A98A242376 upgraded tires and wheels, 1110 hours “Great Condition”

2. 2012 John Deere 468 MegaWide Plus 4’X6’ Netwrap round bailer S/N E00468XECC384002. Number of bales produced 363 “Like New”

4. 2004 John Deere 705 Hydraulic Twin Rake S/N E00705X300268 “Excellent Condition”

6. 2014 Schaben Boombuster 500 Gallon 3-Point herbicide/pesticide sprayer applicator with XT024 nozzles (extra nozzles included) S/N 12896, also with Hypro Stainless 7560XL 8-roller pump S/N 3270 “Like New”

8. Rhino M#SR15M Mow Deck S/N 18431 “Great Shape”

10. 2008 Polaris 700 SportsmanTwin 4WD 4-tracker S/4XATN68A78A258978 upgraded tires and wheels, 878 hours “Great Condition”

Individual Total Price of all items $177,800.00
Discount for package sale $6,500.00
Will sell all items in a package for a discounted Total Price of $171,300.00

All of the above items will be sold after the Ranch is sold.

Thank you, Rick Jones

Mobile# 254-485-5615, E-Mail: